Why Priyank Sharma And Luv Tyagi Are Left In Tears; BIG BOSS11


As we are in thirteen weeks of big boss and a few weeks away of closure, the makers of Big Boss Season 11 has no stone of entertainment for viewers, To add on to the entertainment the Bigg Boss Season 11 has invited the contestants’ family members to spend a couple of days in the ‘Padosi’  house, away from the housemates. Well, in tonight’s episode, Bigg Boss Season 11 will send one after the other inside the Bigg Boss Season 11 house to meet their loved ones.While we have reported that eliminated contestant

BandgiKalra and Hina Khan‘s boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal enter the house, now in the latest teaser released by Colors on Twitter, we see that Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma‘s mothers enter the house. Priyank and Luv were left in full of tears as they see their mother entering the house. Priyank mother’s advised him that control your anger and not to fight with anyone because few week left for the grand finale.On the other hand, Luv mother is seen telling him that Luv’s dream of being a part of Bigg Boss Season  11 has come true.The contestants are all set to get high on emotion. The show is only going to increase TRPs of the show as we can see that the family members, who have been locked in the ‘padosi’ house have already started having differences and arguments.

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